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Now i know that i promised a review of Psycho, but after seeing it i wasn’t as thrilled by it as I thought I would be, so were gonna make a little change and talk about the experimental films we watched.

Now although they are confusing at points, and don’t seem to make sense… it’s that aspect of them that made them appeal to me. I love horror and thriller and sci-fi movies and that strangeness that they all embody seemed to be present in these expiremental films.

There was the scene from Afternoons where the lady is chasing the strange black form around, and i just sat there thinking to myself
(:0] (this smiley was unintentional btw I knocked the computer over and when i grabbed it this smiley was here)) that thismovie is quite freaky. The girl sees to keep waking up and everytime she does she chases this black figure again who we finally see has a flat, mirrored face. I really like that movie but in specific that character. That character with the mirror face was just intimidaring because its like your seein some sort of reaper, or dead character, but if you were ever to face it face to face, you would see a horrible reflection of your own self.

Another great experimental  film that we watched was the 12 minute documentary about NYC that was shot frame by frame so it looks jumpy and sped up, and this i found to be very cool. Why? Because its almost like you tour all of New York, and see things like a grduation of university students and an extensive walk-through of the Coney Island boardwalk and amusement parks. My favorite part would certainly be the Stillwell avenue station part witht he old subway cars. I have been to the transit museum a few times, and I’ve always found old trains to be cool looking so, I really enjoyed seeing the old dark green subway cars.

Mothlight was another memorable film, i liked this one also. It was merely grass, leaves and moth wings glued onto film strips,a nd then photographed over again. it doesn’t really make much along the lines of sense, but it is very cool looking. sometimes the wings are so detailed you can see their personal colors and shapes.

Overall i found experimental film to be very entertaining and i would reccomend these short stories of the cinema to any movie goers.

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~ by Russell Weinberg on December 5, 2010.

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  1. You should review Psycho anyway. 😛

    Afternoons made a strange sort of sense for me. Every element in the woman’s dream/hallucination/whatever was in the room with her, from the mirror to the flower, to the key, to the knife. Check my blog later as I give my own Freudian interpretation of it, complete with assumptions of repressed sexuality.

    And like I said in class, some parts of Go Go Go seemed out of place. I mean, if she spent 2 years collecting images and footage, why would she have spent so much freakin time watching students walk up stairs at a graduation? Even in the 50s (60s?) there were way cooler things in Manhattan lol. I would have loved to be in St. Marks and Union Square at that time, even if just to watch the tattoo history go by.

    Shameless plug, I posted a clip from on of my favourite movies on my blog as well. Check it out. xP

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