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The X-Files Seasons 1-9

As far as television is concerned the X-Files has to be the the best thing I’ve ever seen at least on TV. Im not going t go into grandiose detail and long descriptions of each episode because I will be here for ever. But what i will say is that its completely awesome. The acting that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson alone bring to the table alone is almost enough to completely captivate you, as Mulder searches ever harder and harder for the truth only to be brought to the realization that he will never be able to fully grasp it. And Scully who is the yin to Mulder’s yang. The science to his unexplainable, and together they will solve some of the most bizarre cases thay have ever been thrown at the FBI. Every season is a jewel and every episode is a journey within that jewel. again, one of, if not the best TV shows ever, and this gets a 5 out of 5 jason masks. Watch IT!!! The Truth IS out there.

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~ by Russell Weinberg on December 5, 2010.

5 Responses to “The X-Files Seasons 1-9”

  1. Ha right with you with this one. Best Show Ever!!!

  2. I feel so old but I’ve never seen any of them (episodes or movies) and now I feel like its too late for me, hence the old part. I dont know why, I just never got into them and for what I read, its does sound kind of interesting. I like the supernatural and aliens and ghost and shit like that, I judt dont know why I never took a liking to The X Files. No offense lol

  3. I have never seen the X files but now that you talk about so well about it, i might have to peep it, i also recently became a member of netflix so i will check if they have the seasons to watch. the show that i am hooked on to now is prison break and Dexter.Prison break is great but short lived. Netflix is awesome for watching TV series, but could be addicting and hard to stop watching once your hooked onto a good TV show. i’ll look for x files.

    Alex c

  4. I’ve seen some episodes of the x-files and it is good the movie was all right too. I personally liked the tv series more than the movie of course

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