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Bonnie and Clyde

Well well well, where do I begin with this movie. Bonnie and  Clyde is like a 1930’s version of Robin Hood. And although quite entertaining I’m not sure how accurate the movie is. It starts off with a beautiful Bonnie looking out her window and seeing someone tinkering with a car outside. She looks at him through the window, her naked body being blocked out by a window shade opaque enough to block detail bu see through enough to give an idea. After running downstairs to investigate the presence she learns his name is Clyde, Clyde Barrow. After a quaint little conversation on their way into town, Clyde tells her he was in jail, and cut off two toes to get out of work detail, and states he is still badass. To prove himself he shows her a gun, which she says he is too chicken to use. So like any good man would when a beautiful woman challenges his masculinity, he runs into a store and robs it and now from this oint on, Bonnie and Clyde are on the run. by themselves, its more like  a comedy sketch than a serious pair of bank robbers.The guy robs two banks. One which is dry, and he walks away with a dollar and ninety-eight cents. The second, which has been closed for months, and he gets nothing. So they decide to call it a night.This is the first instance we see Clyde struggling with his masculinity as he seems uncomfortable with Bonnie making advances on him. He shuts her down and refuses to speak to her till the next day when they went on the road again.

At this point we meet the first member of the elusive Barrow gang. A young mechanic named C.W. fixes Bonnie and Clyde’s car after it is damaged, and Clyde asks him to join up., saying that skills like his were necessary, plus he could be a getaway driver. the boys eyes light up with excitement when he hears the sounds of fame, and being an outlaw, and instantly decides to accept. So the Barrow gang is born, and here comes bank robbery botch attempt number three. C.W. the getaway driver decides to pull his car in and parallel park down the block where no one could see him. Now the problem here is that no matter how well the robbery goes, if you can’t find the getaway car, it is hard to get away.  Durring the getaway attempt, a man (i think he is either a bank teller or manager) grabs a hold of the side of Clyde’s car. After an unsuccessful attempt to shake him off, Clyde shakes him off with a gun, and now they have gone from bank robbers to murderers. After a day or so hiding out, and after they are discovered by and evade a Texas Ranger, they decide it is too dangerous in the south, and they decide to go to St.Louis because no ones looking for them in the north, and they meet up with Clyde’s brother and wife. His brother is all for being a part of the Barrow gang, and his wife is just a pain in the ass. Bonnie becomes homesick so they take her home to see her mother.

The scene where Bonnie sees her mother is odd. It is shot in twilight which almost gives the scene a dreamlike state. And there is lots of foreshadowing, like the child rolling down the hill, flopping around like he had been shot, and Clyde and one of the children building what looks like a grave with flowers on it. Bonnie’s mother does not approve of the two being together and makes it known with a cold deep stare. I love the lighting in this scene because it almost makes you feel like you left the horrible world of crime they were in behind and took off to a kind, loving place only to be banished back out again.

After this, everything goes downhill for the Barrow gang. After another robbery, the law instantly catches on to them, and they decide a night raid might be the answer to catching them. Yet again though, the law fails to catch the gang, and looses a pair of cops too. And the Barrows are on the run again. In addition to being on the run again though, Clyde’s brother is shot. After running through the woods they finally can set up camp and give medical attention to the injured. But lo and behold, the cops have set up a trap in the morning. When the Barrow gang wakes up they are met with a hail of bullets from all around. They attempt to escape in the car but the car gets riddled with bullets an they have to bail. The police are smart though and they shoot up the other getaway car. Clyde’s brother is gunned down while trying to escape, and his wife who was blinded by a bullet and glass to the face when the other car was shot up is captures. Bonnie, Clyde and C.W. escape and go to C.W.’s place for shelter.

After this scene we see the Texas Ranger who they evaded talking to the wife of Clyde’s dead brother. She knows where they were going, considering they had discussed the plan with her too, and she snitches. the Ranger takes his newly found informtion and the police go after them again. The Ranger though is smart. He finds C.W.’s father (who doesn’t at all approve of what his son is doing), who helps the Ranger set up a plan to catch Bonnie and Clyde in a trap.

C.W, who thinks he just helped the two escape though by stalling in a hardware store, watches the car drive away into the sunset, thinking his friends are safe.

As Bonnie and Clyde drive away surely towards freedom, they see C.W.s father struggling with a flat tire. They pull over to help him, and a hail of bullets errupts from the bushes killing the two instantly. The Rangers walk out of the bushes, and look down at the bodies. the movie then fades to black and ends without a word.

We at THE REALLY BAD MOVIE REVIEW really liked this movie. It was a great example of a gangster film, and its camera work, suspense and action give it an essence not yet seen in the class. its special effects are good for the time, especially the people being shot, AND it didn’t put me to sleep. This movie gets a 4 out of 5 Jason Masks, and takes a seat with the great classic movies of all time.

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~ by Russell Weinberg on December 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Bonnie and Clyde”

  1. I like your review of this film but I took it in a different direction. I thought this was a great example of a “VARIATION” of a gangster film. Instead of hard hitting continuos action, this movie took a light hearted approach to the romance between Bonnie and Clyde while inserting shots of happy times with the gang and family along their journey. Otherwise great review, you got really deep in the story!

  2. I am very glad that you mentioned the first bank robbery because that is one of my favorite scenes on the movie just because of how funny it is in such a serious movie. When Clyde holds up the then dry bank and the teller is just so calm about having a gun to him because he has nothing to lose in the scenario but honestly the best part is when he takes the teller out to Bonnie so that he can tell her that they have no money and Clyde wasn’t just trying to get out of not robbing the bank.

  3. this is one of my fave films even if it wasnt that accurate. I really like how they portray the characters in way the audience can sympathize with them.

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