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Death of a Salesman

When I had first been assigned to read death of a salesman, I thought it would be a disappointing, slow read. Even though I was familiar with the Dustin Hoffman version of the movie, I didn’t think the play would be very good because it wasn’t a film, and I didn’t think it could communicate like a film. I was wrong. At first the play starts off really slow, and if it had been a personal book, it would have flunked out after the ten page rule, but because it was homework, I continued to read. After we got to act three, the play really started to surprise me, the emotion that was put into this play was almost overwhelming by the end, especially the funeral scene, because it made me feel bad for Willy, even though he was an asshole. The man clearly loved his family, and friends, but we just see at the end, the small broken down group of people, the people who really loved him, standing over his grave wondering why he had to die.

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~ by Russell Weinberg on April 6, 2011.

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