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The other two plays…

OK. Both Oedipus Rex and Two Gentlemen of Verona were bad. Thats it bad. Oedipus almost had me up until the very end, which was a little sad, but wasn’t climactic at all. Same thing with Two Gentlemen, crappy ending. In both cases its almost like the playwright got lazy in my opinion. In Oedipus, they get you hyped up, like your going to learn Oedipus’ fate, and then the play just ends. I don’t like getting cut off before the action. Other than that, Oedipus had a lot of talking, and going around in circles and almost at times became hard to follow because it seemed like all the dialogue was running together. overall I didn’t like it it was confusing and not very straight forward in its storyline.

As far as Two Gentlemen goes, c’mon Shakespeare, what the hell is that. This was one of the worst Shakespeare plays I’ve ever read. Actually I think its the only bad one I read. This play is so stupid, the storyline is dumb, and the ending is dumber. The only redeeming thing is the comedy routines throughout the play. I like the shoe being the clowns mother. But the worst part of this play is the ending. Its almost like Shakespeare got tired of writing it or was late on handing this play into his publisher. The ending feels slapped on. Its almost like this,

“If I can’t have your girl, I’ll rape her.” P

“Your not my friend.” V

“I’m so sorry.” P

“I accept your apology.” V

I mean what kind of ending is that. I really didn’t like this work by such a great writer.

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~ by Russell Weinberg on April 6, 2011.

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